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The amazing Twinkle Toes Jewellery range

Below is a range of the latest available Twinkle Toes jewellery.

Small Disc & Heart Charm
The Perfect Gift!
Large Disc & Tree Charm
Just Stunning!
Handprint Pendant & PVC Chain
A Beautiful Reminder!
Handprint Charm
The Perfect Gift!
Handprint Charm & Silver Bracelet
A Special Token!
Fingerprint Pendant
A Loving Momento!
Fingerprint Charm
A Timeless Keepsake!
Small Hoop
Yours Forever!
Large Hoop & Tree Charm
A Perfect Gift!
Handprint Tag
Remember Always!
Large Hoop & Snake Chain
(Stamped Both Sides $33.00)
Fingerprint Tag
A Beautiful Reminder!

Caring for your Jewellery

Congratulations on your purchase of a quality bespoke jewellery piece designed by you!

Silver Jewellery that is well cared for can give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment and even become family heirlooms. And, of course, silver is valuable.

Our Bespoke Stamped Jewellery is made from Sterling silver. Sterling Silver contains 92.5% pure Silver, and 7.5% pure Copper. Our Finger, Hand and Footprint Jewellery is made form 99.9% pure Silver.

Some people have a Necklace or Bracelet that they choose to display their Bespoke Jewellery. If you received a complimentary necklace with your Jewellery, this is Silver Plated and intended for limited use. Our Key Chains are made from Steel and intended to last. If you purchased a necklace or bracelet with your Jewellery this is Sterling Silver. Our PCV necklaces and bracelets have Sterling Silver connectors attached.

All Silver Jewellery is subject to tarnish. Silver may tarnish in contact with atmosphere environments, hot springs, some foods, and with certain hair and makeup chemicals. Apart from outside influences, each individual's skin chemistry is unique and varying constantly. Acidity and moisture levels in your skin can change in response to humidity, diet, vitamin and prescription medicine consumption, exercise and natural perspiration.

There can be many causes of tarnish and it might be difficult to pinpoint an exact cause in a particular case.

Don't be too concerned about tarnish of your Silver Jewellery. In most cases, naturally occurring tarnish on silver jewellery is kept under control by the self-polishing action of the jewellery wearing on a person's body skin and often no special actions are ever required to keep the piece looking silver.

For moderate tarnish, of the sort that might build up on a piece not worn for some time for example, use of polishing clothes impregnated with chemical cleaning agents will normally restore silver's shine and polish.

Sometimes tarnish is an initial reaction and if you go through a few cycles of cleaning and polishing, drying and making sure your skin is dry before you put silver on, that eventually everything beds in and the problem doesn't persist.

We hope you enjoy your personally designed Jewellery and the many cherished memories that it gives.